Martine Gourbault

Background. Martine was born in France and received her elementary education in Paris, her secondary in London and her art education in Toronto. She has lived and worked in Toronto, New York and London and now resides in Vancouver BC. She has enjoyed a successful career in magazine design, children's book's illustration and fine art. She is a Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and her paintings have been exhibited in a number of galleries in London and Vancouver. 

Superdoodles was a series of large drawings entitled "Folie Douce" which were developed over a period of about four years. They were executed in wax pastels on 1/8"MDF.


Dolls."Looking for a new creative avenue, and wanting to escape from working on the flat surface, I eventually began to explore the possibilities of fibre arts and soon found myself drawn to doll making. My previous experience as a children's illustrator, lifelong interest in fashion design and understanding of pattern making and sewing came together naturally in this new line of work which provides me with constant surprises, challenges my creative abilities and gives me great pleasure and satisfation".


Martine with her friend Denise